Eight Reasons to Read Like an Animal

By Aidan Demolli

Reading is one of the most powerful tools we have as a society.

There is not a single exercise that could further you intellectually the way reading does. The act doesn’t take any real skill, the only thing it requires is an interest. An interest in self-improvement, a drive to learn something new. Each book an insight into another perspective, a compilations of one’s failures and successes. Here’s eight reasons on why you should shut off the TV, turn the phone to silent, and dive into a great book

1. Have Monk Like Concentration

Reading requires one to completely close out the outside world. Hence the term “Immerse yourself in a good book” If you have never read for long periods of time this won’t come easy. But like anything, continual practice will have you comprehending literature you didn’t think possible. Unlike television reading will improve your attention span rather than deteriorate it. Don’t get discouraged if you find yourself losing your concentration in the beginning. Everything is progressive, allow yourself the time to build up to reading for longer and longer. A good start is to set aside 20-30 min a night to read. The American Sleep Association stated that thirty minutes prior to bed you should shut off your electronics. The contrasting light of a screen and the dark surroundings wreak havoc on the brain. While the body is physically ready for sleep the mind is wide awake, stimulated by the artificial light. Do your body a service and stow the electronics, grab a book, and read as you prepare for better sleep. Instagram can wait till the morning!

2. Be A Better Kid

What are kids known for but their incredible imagination. Diving into a book surges ones imagination like no other. Your mind takes over where the writer left off, creating vivid images of whatever it is your reading. Instead of having everything fed to you through a screen, you provide your own entertainment. This increase will lead to you having a more creative mind in general.

3. Use it or Lose It

Like any other functioning muscle in our body, the mind requires constant training. Reading is one of the easiest, and simplest ways to keep the mind in a mentally stimulated state. Studies have shown that by keeping the mind engaged, it may stall or even prevent the diseases of Alzheimer and Dementia. So again, pick up that book and start reading for a healthier you!

4. Hindsight is 20/20

How often do we look back at our mistakes and wish things could have been different. If only we had known, if only we would have seen that problem coming. What if I told you that your mistakes had already been made, and there were multiple books on the subject. And that each author had faced the same issue, and each one had a different solution! I Feel this is one of the greatest luxuries of our society. You have at your fingertips guides on practically every subject known to man. Manuals have been written on practically every topic ranging from home improvement, to health and fitness, to raising a family. Some complex, others more simple and broken down. Any category you can think of, someone has left their professional insight for you to read and learn from. Don’t make the mistakes of those before you but learn from their blunders . Don’t set yourself back precious time over a failure to fully prepare. Do your homework. Take the time to read what has been left for you so that you to may succeed, as those that came before you.


5. Get Interesting!

Space exploration, Egyptian culture, War, Human Psychology. Just a few topics that you could read about to sound a little more experienced, a tad bit more interesting, And don’t think for a second that you have to solely read non-fiction. There is so much to learn from fiction, you only have to pick up a Michael Crichton novel to realize that. Crichton wrote the acclaimed Jurassic Park Series as well as a ton of highly popular scientific based novels. But again don’t stop there, read about history, learn about politics. Find your desire, your passion, your hobbies and learn about them. You will find rather quickly that you’ll have more to say during discussions, conversation will become easier, your own personal confidence will increase. All of this from taken just a little time out of your day to dive into a good book.

6. Now Where Did That Go

Reading is another tool in building your memory. Your memory similar to your body needs constant work to keep it as sharp as it can be. In most novels you have a host of characters, even more interactions, the scenery is almost endless, all of this being remembered every time you dive into its story. Reading gives your mind the ability to slow down and comprehend everything, a pause button in sorts. When you look at television and films its nearly the opposite where there is little to no time to dwell on any particular part. Lastly reading is great for not only strengthening your mind, but your short term memory as well. No longer will you suffer from incomplete sentences or a lack of what to say. Wake up your mind by simply turning the page.

7. I Actually Sound Smart?

Yes, Yes you do! Reading is one of the best ways to quickly and confidently increase your vocabulary. A simple thirty minute reading session a night will expose your eyes to more words per year than you thought possible. Reading allows you to consume rather large amounts of information quickly, and at a much cheaper rate than that of a college course or local class. WARNING!! Your friends might look at you a little funny at first as you shoot out words to them that sounds both alien and foreign. But over time hopefully the reading bug that infected you will spread happily through to your social circles.

8. A Simple Way To Advance Among Your Peers.

We live in a world right now that has more information at your fingertips than ever before. To the point where people nowadays are almost overloaded with this abundance of knowledge. We have so many distractions that keep us from being at all productive whether it be the Smartphone that rules your hand, or the television that captures your eye for hours on end. Both of these devices not lending themselves to your progression the way they were intended . Not trying to sound anti-technology here by no means, but what I’m getting at is that we as a culture have grown more and more distracted as time has gone on. Our Attention spans have diminished, focus is at an all time low. We prescribe more pills than ever before to sedate this distracted world we live in. My answer is to cut out the advertisement lifestyle so many of us are forced to endure, and clear your mind. Find some tranquility in a good book. Learn, improve, surpass those around you. It will be very clear to those around you of your progression and their lack of.

I hope this gives you an insight to the importance of picking up a book.

That the simple action of flipping through some pages can literally change your life for the better.

I hope you incorporate some if not all of these tips into your lifestyle. Six minutes is all you need to feel the relieving effect of reading. Six minutes of silent uninterrupted comprehension will bring your heart rate down, and an ease to your muscles after a long stressful day. If you could do one thing that would help you grow exponentially, reading would be it. Find some time, better yet create some time. Truly invest in your future well being by immersing yourself in a good book! Happy Reading.

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” -Charles William Eliot

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