Embrace the Suck

By Aidan Demolli

Everyone is looking for the quick fix, the miracle drug, the one size fits all approach to life.

Advertisers barrage us on an hourly basis with the newest gimmick, fad diet, or lifestyle that will change your world. They all promise to make things easier, to make things painless. We buy them, over and over again thinking this one will be different, this will work, this is my answer to the weight loss, my answer to getting that relationship, or that promotion. Nothing great in this life comes easy, good things do happen, but great no. If you ask any successful individual their story, they will tell you there was a struggle, an extreme level of sacrifice, an endurance of pain that led to their achievement.  Too many people lose sight of their goals in these quick fixes, these pain free options. They give up on themselves after the first bit of discomfort, I’m here to say that as person and more so as a man we have to “Embrace the Suck” of success.


We have become increasingly soft as society.

We look for the easy way out, way too often. I find one of the biggest reasons for this is the many distractions we face on a day to day basis. How often is it we start our day with an agenda, a list of things to do, and yet at the end of it show no progress. Save maybe doing just the absolute necessities. Where we feel accomplished that, “hey at least I got my laundry done today”. It’s the constant interruptions from television, traffic, advertisements, all that nonsense that does nothing for you, and continues to hold back all of our true potential. The only way to mitigate it, is to shut it from your life. By no means can we run from it all, but you can definitely minimize the distractions to a point where you become productive again. Where you will be able to prioritize your life in what’s truly important. And I will tell you it’s not the next season of Supernatural, the latest hip/hop album, the newest video game system. All of these come in and out of your life as soon as you have them.  So how on earth do we lessen these distractions, how do we focus on what’s truly beneficial to our beings!


First and Foremost you have to clear your domain. Your home is your sanctuary, whether it be a towering mansion or a minute studio apartment. You must remove the clutter from your dwelling! I cannot stress how important this is. This is the foundation of minimalism. If you ever want to be successful, and to really strive towards your potential, you must rid yourself and your home of the excess clutter. Your sleep will get better, your mind will feel more clear, your life will simplify. Through all this will you begin to focus on what is really important. This doesn’t mean living like a complete Spartan but it does entail throttling back on the pleasures that we all know slow us down in every aspect.  Simplify your domain, in turn clear your mind, and start taking control of your life’s direction.


One thing I’ve found increasingly agitating is this idea that were all owed something.

We have become a society of victims,

a majority of us blaming everyone but ourselves for where our place in life is. In this age we have more opportunity at our finger tips than any group before us.  But again we are distracted as a people, by things that don’t matter, at all! They say every person has a book in them, a story to tell the world, a product to change the way we do things. Stop letting the distractions, the naysayers, and all the negative attitude tear you down. And instead create your story, build your legacy, and become the person that you know you are more than capable of being!


Again nothing great in this life comes easy, expect the hardship, the struggle.

Embrace the sweet pain of success.

Cut out the distractions from your life and really dial in on the few things that truly matter. Don’t let yourself be controlled by these strictly cosmetic pleasures, don’t waste away your days not having accomplished anything. Suffer in silence as you surpass all those around you, for they might think they’re enjoying life now, but as life sets in, it will be very clear who has purpose and who doesn’t. Control your life, point it in the direction you choose, not someone else.



“When I was a young fellow I was knocked down plenty. I wanted to stay down, but I couldn’t. I had to collect two dollars for winning or go home hungry. I had to get up, I was one of those hungry fighters. You could have hit me on the chin with a sledgehammer for $5. When you haven’t eaten for 2 days you’ll understand.”

-Jack Dempsey

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