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where I share my original thoughts on everything from Happiness, Productivity, Relationships and everything in Between. I sent these letters to my younger brother, as well as to my seventeen-year-old self. Every one of these thoughts and ideas I only wish I could have known then.


I truly hope these ideas help, but more than anything I hope you’re able to do something with them.

Upon subscribing you should receive your first letter almost instantly. Every day you will receive a following letter for a total of ten days. After that I’ll update you periodically with the latest article or thought I feel could benefit you. Understand that I despise spam as much as the next person, you have my word to never get it from us.

Now before you dive in and begin soaking up the value contained in these letters, I do highly recommend that you print them out and take the time to really resonate with the words written. I promise you, that if you take the time to invest in yourself and not only read these letters but take action on them, you’re body, you’re mind, your entire life will improve.

“I want you to understand that this isn’t just another e-book with a sales pitch at the end,”

this is me pouring my heart out into these letters in hopes that my experiences, my faults, and ultimately my story can help not only my brother be the best person he can be but for everyone else as well.

If you’re still reading this, please know that you are awesome. Together, we’re going to build a community that’s self-aware. Aware of our deficiencies, but even more so our strengths. As we move through life elevating not only ourselves but of those that surround us. There is no end goal, the prize is in the process, so all I ask is that you “stay the course.” Cheers


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